A year and a half ago I stopped going to college and was working at a startup with no salary. Since then my situation has changed. I am now have a full-time position and make more than I need. A year and a half ago $100 meant far more to me. Now I make more than necessary to live off.

Others are not as well off financially. For many others $100 means far more than it does to me. Personally know a couple seeking ways to pay for training, a school that is privately funded and in need, missionaries looking for support, and students trying to pay bills. To each, $100 can go a long way.

I see giving as more of an investment. Even though I will never see a financial return on what I give, I give because I believe in the mission and what that person or organization is trying to do. Now I am in place where I can give far more than before.

Giving can sometimes be hard. For me it is very easy to only part of what I initially budgeted to save that extra $100. It is even harder when I know I'm going to get hammered when tax season comes around (which is coming up pretty soon). But I still give for two reasons, I have all of my need met and an investment in people is worth far more in the long run.

Giving has been something I have always done, even when I was in school and working without pay. Now I can increase the amount of funding I give; a perfect place to reflect. Am I a better person for giving? No, but I would say that others are. Do others need more than me? Yes. I find that
giving helps maintain an understanding for others.

In the coming weeks I will reevaluate my monthly commitments, and in a strange way I am looking forward to giving money away.