Compared to the World

Recently I had a conversation with a friend who mentioned the influential people of the world were simply “living life.” I do not see this as true. “Living life” brings to mind someone who is just living with what life throws at them. The influential people of the world do not live with what is given them. Many entrepreneurs are creating value, not working at a job living off value created by someone else.

How is it possible for someone to end up with the idea of “living life.” I think this can easily happen when you start to compare yourself with others.
Many people in the world are not as fortunate to be where we are. So it is easy to look at them and say that “I am happy with where I am.” So, with relative success behind, you can live life.

This state of mind leads to the loss of a desire to create value. Being satisfied in your current condition is a sad position to be in. I am grateful for where I am, but I know there is more that I can do. I am not completely satisfied to stay in my current state.

Imagine if Thomas Edison was satisfied with light by candle light. It is good to have a candle and is very helpful. Why couldn't he just be happy and enjoy the rest of his days? Because there was more that he could do. Edison created value. He probably could have stopped with the light bulb, instead he continued to invent and has over 1,000 patents to his name.

There is much to do in this world. Don't look at others and enjoy what you have but they don't.