Goldtouch Keyboard

Goldtouch Keyboard

Going into YC I knew that the summer was going to involve many hours at the computer, both day and night. The first few weeks flew by. Before I knew it my hands were in pain! Thankfully Bradford Cross gave me a few pointers before things got any worse.

Brad has always hacked on this strange looking keyboard, the Goldtouch. It sits up high and doesn't look that comfortable. Every other keyboard I have used has been flat, so this seems unnatural. It's not pretty and doesn't fit in well with an ascetically pleasing Mac.

Even though it isn't pretty you should throw away the keyboard sitting in front of you right after ordering the Goldtouch. I had the Mac keyboard, and I can tell you that its looks do not make up for what the Goldtouch can provide.

When I initially got the keyboard it took a good weeks worth of coding before I was fully adjusted. Every so often I would fall back on my old keyboard, just because it was what I was used to. Once the keyboard feels natural you can fly when writing code! The time you can spend in front of the computer without pain will significantly increase.

If you are up for a summer of hard coding get this keyboard before you start. It will save hours and you will never look back. And don't let the price deter you, it will only cost you more.