Style in Customer Relations

Antonio Centeno runs A Tailored Suit, a online business dedicated to delivering quality custom clothing. Many tailors are local, but Antonio is able to take his business online and one of the keys is the way in which he interacts with his customers. Every customer he has, I am sure, has received a personal call from Antonio.

My own experience started by just ordering a shirt through his website. Not only was he able to provide a fit that is superior to any other shirt that I have ever owned, he took the time to call me up and ensure that I had a proper fit through photos that I had taken. His concern is on delivering a perfect shirt, and had anything been wrong he would have been the first to recognize it and correct it.

Afterwards he even provided me with a free style consultation, something that every man who is looking to build a wardrobe should take him up on. He also provided recommendations on clothing and shoes that A Tailored Suit did not offer. Coming away I was so impressed that I ordered a blazer and am in the process of ordering a package discount, a great way to build my wardrobe.

If every company could be like this customers, like myself, would remain loyal for life. A few others companies like Zappos are doing a great job at creating loyal customers. Antonio is able to do this with a product that is often thought need a local presence.