Recently my days have not been as fruitful as they had been last year. My goals have been to develop my carrier and understanding of software systems. These still are two of my primary goals. The effort I put into these goals is offering little these days.

The rewards of solid effort I feel happen in spurts. I remember specifically talking to one of my high school teachers about this. The class was AP Calculus and I had recently experienced a breakthrough in my understanding of the material. The following graph displays how I experienced this growth.


A lot of time and effort is spent on the plateaus. The results of this effort are not apparent until the breakthrough moment. The breakthrough is the coming together off all the previous work. This is what my teacher pointed out.

Everyone has these moments, both people and companies. These breakthroughs do not make up a majority of time. The plateaus (or ruts) are where the real work is performed. Since the rewards are not immediate it is easy to give up during this time. It is easy to get distracted.

I may not feel like I am going anywhere. My goals are long term, not short term, so in moments like these I must keep going. Another spring will come.