The Plague

The man in Bedroom A, Car No. 14, was a professor of philosophy who taught that there is no mind---how do you know that the tunnel is dangerous?---no reality---how can you prove that the tunnel exists?---no logic---why do you claim that trains cannot move without motive power?---no principles---why should you be bound by the law of cause-and-effect?---no rights---why shouldn't you attach men to their jobs by force?---no morality---what's moral about running a railroad?---no absolutes---what difference does it make to you whether you live or die, anyway? He taught that we know nothing---why oppose the orders of your superiors?---that we can never be certain of anything---how do you know you're right?---that we must act on the expedience of the moment---you don't want to risk your job, do you?

--- Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

These are the principles of a man riding a train powered by a coal locomotive into a tunnel without proper ventilation. These are the principles forced on the people by the government. The country is unproductive, the people have no hope. The people have given into the ideals that those in society who are the most productive and wealthy are under obligation to freely give to those who are less fortunate.

At the point of a gun profitable businesses are cannibalized by policies put in place by the governing institutions. The people need jobs! Times are hard and we all must do our part! This is the cry of the government and the people. Output is regulated to create a free market. Prices are controlled to stimulate growth. Jobs are given out based on need and not qualification.

These are the practices that cause the great leaders of society to take a step back and no longer bear the responsibility, because it was torn from them, just as the profits were stolen from them. These men and women disappear, leaving society without anyone who is responsible. The great spirit that once drove the country is gone with these men and women, because what difference does it make to you whether you live or die, anyway?.

The principles that sought to create equality among men and promote charity has put the man in Bedroom A, Car No. 14 in his grave.