This post builds on a previous post entitled An Emotional Roller Coaster.

What happens when you reach your goals? You flatline unless you set your eyes on higher goals. The coorporate world is full of people who have flatlined, people who have meet their goals and are now living a relaxed and carefree life. They are living without a heartbeat. The start-up world is instead full of people who are generally focused on goals they have yet to achive. These people are the hard workers who have great visions.

The coorporate life isn't bad, it is merely the safe option and has no real depth or future. What has been achieved is enough. The start-up life is a different lifestyle all together. To be in a start-up means that goals are set and have to be achieved. There is no room for someone who has no goals or lack of drive to achieve those goals.

This applies to personal and social life as well. Some people are content to be where they are, others are not. Those with goals are trying to achieve something beyond them. Those without goals are trying to maintain themselves. If you are the person with no goals you have flatlined.

The goals in my life were met. I had not only complete but surpassed the goals set for college. Starting a company in college was not something I planned to do. I just wanted to finish college. I did something better than finish college, I founded a company.

After starting the company and getting funding, I had no goals. At the time I did not realize it. And that is what led up to a crazy drop on the emotional roller coaster. Sunday the 24th was the worst day that I had in a long time, but it made start to reflect on myself.

Later in the week a good friend came and used a defibrillator to get my heart beating again. I had flatlined and not even realized it. Now the heart is beating and I am living. Goals have been set and lessons learned.

Never accomplish a goal without replacing it. Don't be satisfied with life. If you are satisfied with life you have no goals.