Bad Investments

Time is the most valuable commodity. Each persons is given free reign on how his or her time is spent. Every second that is given to a particular project, cause or pleasure is an investment. The challenge then is how to distribute our own time to maximize the investments that each of us makes.

Each of us has habits and addictions that take up precious time day after day. TV Shows were the addiction that drained my time day after day. The key is to find the bad investments. Generally this will be something that has become a habit. Most will find that TV is one of the significant sources of bad investment. Browsing the Internet checking Facebook and keeping up with Twitter are also large investment that can easily add up.

TV and browsing the Internet are bad investments because, in general, they bring no improvement physically or intellectually. A good investment will add value to you as a person. TV Shows have no significant return and require a large investment in time.

The maximum return on an investment of time is different from person to person. It can be safely said that exercise is a good investment with a great return, though the same can not be said of a career path. Some people do not read books because the perceived value that is extracted is less than watching the TV. Ultimately it is up to the individual where to spend time.